Florida AM hit with EAS fine


WMAF-AM was able to perform an EAS test but its equipment was said to be broken and couldn’t receive any tests – and to top it off, none of this was mentioned in the station’s log.

The station is a Classic Country outlet in Madison FL, a community in unrated territory near the Georgia border and south of that state’s city of Valdosta. It’s a Class C on 1230 kHz with 1 kW-U, ND. It’s licensed Geneva Walker.

The FCC went to check out the station’s EAS situation in response to a complaint, and found that it had not had operational equipment since late 2010. The station’s GM said the last outgoing test was conducted 9/15/10, and the system was disconnected in December of that year.

The FCC was not at all pleased to discover the non-functioning equipment and the lack of a record of its functionality. It hit the station with an $8K fine and reporting requirements.

Within 30 days, WMAF must have operational EAS equipment or a timeframe for installation.