FM auction set for kick off


GavelFCC Auction 94 will put 112 allotments on the block with 85 qualified entrants ready to engage in the bidding. The call for offers will commence Tuesday 4/23/13.

Qualified bidders are advised that if they have not received their registration mailing from the FCC by noon eastern Wednesday 4/17/13 that they should contact the Auctions Hotline immediately. The number is (717) 338-2868.

Who are the biggest players? Here is the list of all qualified applicants who have deposited $75K or more:
$264K Nimble Media
$235K Educational Media Foundation
$217.75K William W. McCutcheon III
$214K Family Life Broadcasting
$170K Alex Media Inc.
$130K Point Five
$104.5K Eternity Records Company
$83.25K Sunnylands Broadcasting
$75K Lazer Licenses
$75K James E. Martin
$75K Robinson Entertainment
$75K John R. Rose