FNR announces “Summer of Savings”


Fox News Radio has a new series, “Summer of Savings,” to recognize the challenges we’re facing this year, showing different ways to do more with less; helping listeners with a new approach to many of their summer rituals: cheap activities with their kids, inexpensive vacation alternatives, smart shopping, etc.

 “Summer of Savings” includes:
• Daily One-Minute Segments your station can sell
• A One-Hour Special – For use over the Memorial Day holiday
• Two-Way Experts – To complement the one-minute series
• Website Tie-in – Graphic stations can use on their own Websites
• Custom Liners – To help you station’s promotion

Daily Segments
• One-Minute segments, with accompanying tease (liner)
• Each week follows a different theme (travel week, etc).
• Segments bundled and posted the Wednesday before so stations can promote and sell them ahead of time.
• Series begins after Memorial Holiday, runs four weeks — May 26 to June 19.

Hour-Long Special
• For affiliate use over Memorial Day weekend
• No inventory required
• Clock is posted on the Affiliate Web site under Program Formats / Long Form Specials.
• Liners promoting the start of the series available to affiliates so you can run them during the special.

Two-Way Tie-in:
• Every Friday – “Summer of Savings” expert offered up for two-ways
Will be forward looking, promoting the following week.
• “Summer of Savings” experts will be booked thru affiliate desk, the usual way.

Rebecca Diamond, co-host of the Fox Business Network show “Happy Hour,” will host the daily segments and the hour-long special with contributions from Fox Business anchor Jenna Lee, who hosts Fox Business Morning and FBN reporters Jeff Flock and Adam Shapiro.

For more info contact Dawn Weiner, Senior Producer of Special Events at 212-301-3958,  or email [email protected].