For Gray, First the Neuhoff Stations, then Neuhoff


Gray-TelevisionGray Television has been by far the biggest accumulator of acquired television stations in the broadcasting business this year. One of its deals, filed with the FCC in March, was for a pair of Idaho Falls outlets.

The seller was Beth Neuhoff’s Neuhoff Communications.

The price was $17.5M.

Now Neuhoff has joined Gray’s Board of Directors.

Gray stated, “Beth Neuhoff is the President and CEO of Neuhoff Communications, a privately held broadcast radio and digital media company focused on small-to mid-size communities.  Since taking command of Neuhoff Communications in August 2012, she has dramatically enhanced operations and improved its value.”

The board was expanded by unanimous vote to make room for her.

The Idaho Falls deal was unique in that it brought two major network affiliations under the Gray umbrella.

CBS KMVT was one of them.

KSVT was the other – it’s a Fox affiliate. And it’s also an LPTV, which does not count against local ownership caps.