For SWMX the Fig loss is deep


But nobody is indispensable just some harder to replace. The good that will come out of Figenshu's departure will be to give CEO Josh Wexler a clear opportunity to sit back and analyze what SWMX has accomplished in the past 18 months as SWMX has been on a very fast track. Wexler will have to seek the next generation of executive that is needed in moving SWMX to the next on-line selling playing level.

Our recommendation would be two executives: One for Radio the other TV as doing day to day business with these mediums is different. TV is layback – Radio is for warriors. E-online selling is just beginning to heat and with Google pushing every button they can  and the fight will be intense.

As with all small company's SWMX faces two issues: First, understaffed with knowledgeable-quality people and Second, they are under capitalized for faster growth, money is needed. The most important issue we trust is SWMX will not lose focus as for the last 18 months this focus has achieved them success in radio that Google or any of their competitors are trying hard to duplicate. Stay focused.

RBR note: Josh Wexler spoke briefly with RBR but he was unable to address any key questions as he was presenting at yesterday's NAB/RAB conference on political advertising in Washington, DC.  Wexler guaranteed he will address all issues with RBR.