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There’s an excellent chance that this won’t catch on, but just in case it does, you’ll want to be able to say you were wide awake at the beginning of the birth of the Scuppie demo. It comes from financial planner Chuck Failla, who says he was doing some pro bono work whan a co-worker expressed surprise that a "Yuppie scum" like himself was giving something away for free. Scuppie was born. Failla came up with a better explanation of the letters: Socially Conscious Upwardly Mobile Person. The demo is defined by its affluence, combined with its concern for the environment, crop-pickers in foreign lands, and other matters of social concern. He says you can find them at your local Starbucks, and listening to world music.

RBR/TVBR observation: Failla says that "vast herds" of these creatures are already readily visible in both urban and suburban environments. If this is true, you may want to take this into account when planning your next format flip or program lineup.