Ford kicking off Taurus ad campaign


Focusing on technology, innovation and style, the 2010 Ford Taurus campaign debuts 8/4, targeting discerning consumers with a high-tech, detail-oriented focus on technology, innovation and style – Five demonstration webisodes pit the Ford flagship sedan’s technology features and quality against more expense luxury sedans from Audi, Lexus, Acura and Infiniti.

Ford kicks off the campaign with an aggressive Web presence and a new Microsoft “tag” system that will allow consumers to simply point their Smart Phones toward barcodes printed next to technology features in Taurus ads for more in-depth information.

With more than 20 high-tech technologies to communicate on the new Taurus, some even industry firsts and 10 of them class-exclusive, Taurus takes on communicating these technologies “smartly” and with a new approach to advertising.

“The convenience and ability to offer customers additional information at the touch of their mobile device speaks volumes on how technologically advanced the new Taurus is,” said Matt VanDyke, Ford marketing director. “This high-tech marketing process will showcase the attention to detail that customers shopping for Taurus will appreciate.”

Taurus ads debuting on prime-time network and cable channels will show customers how the new sedan offers the quality and technology of world-class luxury sedans with a much more affordable price tag.

The campaign will include three broadcast spots focusing on some of the leading Taurus technologies including BLIS, SYNC and EcoBoost. To showcase the advanced technologies, each spot begins focusing on the intricacy of the details before bringing to light the bigger picture.

For instance, a high-tech concept, like Ford’s sophisticated EcoBoost twin-turbocharged, direct-injection engine technology begins to explain it graphically as the ad pulls out an illustration of the engine and then uses a “see and say” graphic, wrapping the narrated words around the illustration itself before ending on dynamic running footage of the Taurus.

Online, the technology and quality of Taurus is brought to life in five short webisodes that showcase particular features against those of significantly higher-priced luxury sedans. For instance, can the paint quality of the Taurus stand up to a $70,000 Lexus? Why not put them both behind a gravel truck and find out?

These Webisodes, which form the digital aspect of the campaign, will debut on and showcase the advanced technologies that put Taurus on par with world-class sedans in a minute and a half.

Customers with Smart Phones will be able to find out more information on Taurus’ most advanced technologies by scanning “tags” in Taurus print ads. This new tagging system by Microsoft creates an individual barcode for each technology that can be captured by any Smart Phone. Once it captures an image of the tag it will load animations, additional information and images of that particular technology directly to the consumer’s mobile device.

Ford is aiming at a customer segment that leans toward a male demo, VanDyke said, so many of the media placements are geared toward activities primarily associated with men -NASCAR, NCAA, Fantasy Football and even the NFL. But that doesn’t mean Taurus might not pop up where it’s least expected.