Ford opposes HD Radio mandates


Ford has come out opposed to Rep. Ed Markey’s proposed Radio Receiver Act that could require HD Radio reception capability for satellite radio receivers. The automaker sent a letter to the FCC outlining its opposition.
Said Ford: "[The proposal] has several ancillary consequences that would be extremely burdensome to consumers, the auto industry and OEM manufacturers, and it should be rejected by the commission…[It] will likely increase the price of audio entertainment options in vehicles, without regard to whether consumers actually want those options…Consumers who only desire satellite radio will be subsidizing the HD Radio broadcasting industry because they will be forced to purchase HD Radio."

RBR/TVBR observation: No shocker here. Ford, along with all of the American automakers, are struggling to stay alive. The last thing they need to do is pass onto the consumer additional costs associated with the in-dash car stereo. In case you hadn’t noticed, 90% of all HD Radios available from the automakers are in foreign vehicles.