Ford picks up trio east of Quad Cities


SoldVirden Broadcasting Corporation will remain a going concern, but all of its stock is being sold to a new owner. The company owns and operates a one-AM, two-FM group of stations on the Illinois side of the Quad Cities IA-IL market.

The seller is Randal J. Miller. The buyer is Fletcher Ford.

The price will be $800K cash.

None of the stations puts a main contour over all of Davenport IA at the center of the market.
The stations include:

* WKEI-AM Kewanee IL, a Class C News-Talk station on 1450 kHz with 500 W-
D, 1 kW-N, ND

* WJRE-FM Galva IL, a Class A Oldies outlet on 102.5 MHz with 6 kW @ 293’

* WYEC-FM Cambridge IL, a Class A Oldies station on 93.9 MHz with 4.2 kW @ 394’