Forever expands in Johnstown PA area


A five station cluster in and around Johnstown PA will become an eight station cluster with a deal between Forever Broadcasting and 2510 Licenses is consummated. Multiple markets will be formed as computed by the venerable contour overlap method in an area that is now a ratings-free zone.

Johnstown PA was once an Arbitron market, but is no longer.

The stations being bought are WNTJ-AM Johnstown, WCCL-FM Central City and WLHK-FM Somerset. The buyer, headed by Donald Alt, Kerby Confer, Carol Logan and Lynn Deppen, is already quite familiar with the AM – it’s been running it in an LMA that began 4/28/08, back when it was operating under call letters WPRR.

The seller, headed by Nicholas Galli, stands to make $2M cash for the trio.

The stations will be related to WFGI-FM, WKYE-FM and WJHT-FM, all licensed to Johnstown, along with WNTW-AM Somerset and WRKW-FMMM Ebensburg.

WFGI-FM is the only station among the group that shares common contour with all other stations. At it’s most intense point of confluence, a cluster including two AMs and five FMs — or in other words, all but one of the FMs – will be formed.