Forget the help wanted category


How about just wanted? The police department of Chesapeake VA, part of the Norfolk-Virginia Beach-Newport News market, has taken out an ad in the local Virginian-Pilot newspaper listing 170 individuals wanted on various charges. The wanted are being encouraged to simply turn themselves in. The sweep is more of a file-clearer than a move to clear the streets of the dangerous – many of those on the list are wanted for simple things like failing to appear in court, although some are apparently up on serious charges.

RBR/TVBR observation: The wanted posters famously featured in many old Western movies were mainly an outdoor category, using posters rather than billboards. So in Tidewater VA, the newspaper medium are getting in on the fun. Hey, there’s no reason broadcasters shouldn’t pursue this category as well – especially when the police want to get word out on a specific fugitive immediately. This could also be used by stations on a regular basis as a pro bono category used to build your station’s reputation within the community.