Form request from the FCC


FCCSpecifically, we’re talking FCC Form 317 which addresses ancillary and supplemental services provided by digital television stations. The forms are due soon, whether a stations offered a service or not.

The forms are required of all digital television stations, including full power, Class A, low power and translator facilities.

They are due at the FCC, via electronic filing, Monday 12/1/14. They are to cover the twelve-month period ending 9/30/14.

From the FCC: “The above-outlined digital television stations must submit a separate FCC Form 317 for each station detailing whether they provided “ancillary or supplementary services” at any time during the twelve month period ending on September 30, 2014.  Specifically, these digital television stations must include in their annual report:  (A) a brief description of the ancillary or supplementary services provided; (B) which services were feeable; (C) whether any services provided were not subject to a fee; (D) the gross revenues received from all feeable services provided during the applicable period; and (E) the amount of bitstream used to provide services during the applicable period.   In addition, all DTV stations providing feeable services must remit a fee of five percent of the gross revenues derived from such feeable services, as defined by the rules.”