Former Buccaneer QB joins ESPN AM 1470 in Tampa Bay


Former NFL Quarterback Jeff Carlson has been added to the ESPN Am 1470 lineup to host the Monday Morning Quarterback Show from 6 to 8. Jeff will break down the Buccaneer and NFL games of the previous week with commentary, interviews and analysis. The show will be co-hosted by RBR’s IT Director – Steve Kyler, picture left, host of ESPN AM 1470’s weekly two hour talk show “The Game”.  The duo will also host a weekly Pre-game show tailgate party every Sunday from 11A-1P. They will be on site at Raymond James Stadium for Buccaneer home games. The tailgate party will host fans and former Buccaneer players with food being provided by Leroy Selmon’s Restaurant.

ESPN AM 1470 is owned and operated by Genesis Communications, Inc. The radio station also airs Mike and Mike, Colin Cowherd, Tampa Bay’s Killer B’s, Scot Brantley and The Fabulous Sports Babe and PTI.

RBR/TVBR observation: Hey, this is how radio becomes real local and also demonstrates how you compete in a crowded sports market like Tampa. The key – take local talent with knowledge of the game put them in the field and have fun. Plus football and a tailgate party is a strong brew for success.

PS: Kyler is also one of the top experts today in the NBA, see – a leading on-air analyst for a number of radio stations nationwide. Kyler’s weekend program on ESPN Am 1470  – ‘The Game’ is one of the best Tampa local sports programs today.