Former Cumulus Houston properties on the move


SoldA Sports AM station serving the Houston market is said to be picking up one FM, and a national noncommercial Religious broadcaster is said to be getting another, both of which were once under the control of radio giant Cumulus.

KFNC-FM Beamont TX is said to be on its way to Gow Communications, owner/operator of KGOW-AM Bellaire TX. And KHJK-FM La Porte TX is said to be on its way to Educational Media Foundation. The report comes from The Houston Chronicle.

Both stations have been under the TLC of AR Licensing LLC as part of a pre-packaged bankruptcy maneuver that also included two FMs in the Kansas City market — KCHZ-FM & KMJK-FM. The stations have been operated and shopped by Patrick Communications.
KGOW-AM is a Class B on 1560 kHz with 46 kW-D, 15 kW-N, DA2. It calls itself Houston’s Best Sports Talk and puts a decent signal over the city that’s a bit better during the day than it is at night. In KFNC-FM, it’s getting an outlet that is already in the Sports format as well. Its city of license, Beaumont, puts it squarely in the Beaumont-Port Arthur market to the east, and despite a big Class C 97.5 MHz signal boasting 100 kW @ 1,955’, it only puts a primary signal over about half of urban Houston. It does make it all the way down to the market’s gulf-shore southern extremity of Galveston.

KHJK-FM La Porte has a similarly-shaped contour to that of KFNC, beaming 94.86 kW @ 1,936’ on 103.7 MHz. According to its website, the Adult Alternative station plays “The Best Music You’ve Never Heard.” That is certain to change to “The Best Music You Won’t Be Hearing Any More, at Least Not Here” once operations shift over to EMF, which will likely install one of its Contemporary Christian formats on the station.