Former radio exec convicted, but also wins lottery


It’s a case of fact being stranger than fiction. A former radio company COO pleaded guilty to embezzling from his former employer to fund his addiction to buying lottery tickets. But – you guessed it – he recently won a big lottery prize that will almost cover what he stole.

According to the Pittsburg, KS Morning Sun newspaper, Paul Lyle pleaded guilty last week to a felony theft charge for stealing tens of thousands of dollars from American Media Investments, the owner of KKOW-AM & FM Pittsburg, where he had been President and COO. He’s due to be sentenced in November.

The local prosecutor told the newspaper that Lyle stole roughly $86,000 from his former employer. He told police he took the money to support his addiction to buying lottery tickets.

While the charge was pending against Lyle, he received word that he had won a “second chance” drawing of the Kansas Lottery, which gave him a new boat and other prizes valued at $96,000. Lyle has agreed to forfeit the prize to his former employer. After taxes, the prosecutor said the prize will still come up about $8,000 short of what he owes American Media Investments.