Fort Wayne noncom changes hands


And doesn’t change hands. There will be a new name on the licensee blank, as The Indiana District of the Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod Inc. transfers WLAB-FM to Star Educational Media Network Inc., headed by Melissa Montana. But changes at the station do not figure to be very noticeable.

According to Mark Jorgenson of Jorgenson Broadcast Brokerage, that’s because the buyers have been managing the station all along. They got wind of the Synod’s plan to sell it, and came up with the wherewithal to buy it. Jorgenson handled their part of the bargain.

The wherewithal in question is $1M, payable in cash at closing.

The station is a well-liked and respected Contemporary Christian outlet. And with a familiar crew remaining on hand after the sale, so it will remain. It operates on 88.3 MHz with 3.2 kw @ 607’.

Patrick Communications represented the seller.