Four more Class As trip over kid requirements


FCCThe FCC has been cracking the whip on enforcement of Class A television meeting their responsibilities regarding children’s programming, advertising and reporting. But whereas last year many were being busted down to LPTV status, the trend in 2013 is to simply pay a fine.

Four more licensees have been hit with fines – by far the preferable result given the two possible results listed above. That is because the Class A service enjoys greater license protections and is eligible to participate in the incentive auctions; LPTVs enjoy little or no protection and are not invited to the auction party.

The reason previous licensees lost their Class A status is that they simply failed to respond to FCC inquiries on the topic. In all cases we’re aware of, the FCC tried to contact them at least two times on the matter. In the absence of a response, the FCC chose to let the stations deal with the absence of their Class A status.

The latest lucky victims:

* WARZ-LD Smithfield-Selma NC, licensed to Waters & Brock Communications Inc. and hit with an NAL for $16K

* WJOV-CD Palatka FL, licensed to Pentecostal Revival Association Inc. and hit with an NAL for $15K

* WPHA-CD Philadelphia PA, licensed to D.T.V. LLC and hit with an NAL for $9K

* WLNN-LP Boone NC, licensed to Carolina Rays LLC and hit with an NAL for $3K