Four more co-sponsors for LRFA


U.S. CongressThe Local Radio Freedom Act purports to head off any attempt to impose any kind of royalty for over-air performance of songs on AM and FM radio, and a quartet of Representatives have added their name to the bill.

Key language in the bill includes this: “Congress should not impose any new performance fee, tax, royalty, or other charge relating to the public performance of sound recordings on a local radio station for broadcasting sound recordings over-the-air, or on any business for such public performance of sound recordings.”

Signing on are:

* Kathy Castor (FL-14)
* Steve Chabot (OH-1)
* Bob Gibbs (OH-7)
* Roger Williams (TX-25)

The total aboard in the House rises to 181 with this addition, and there are 12 senators also aboard.

RBR-TVBR observation: While we’re on the topic of the House and royalties, let’s talk nuclear option for a moment. One of the straws that worked toward breaking the nominee-approval camel’s back was the filibuster on the nomination of Rep. Mel Watt (D-NC) to head the Federal Housing Finance Agency.

There is an excellent chance that Senate Democrats will be able to approve Watt’s nomination under the new rules.

And that means that the author of the latest bill that deals with radio and royalties may be moving on to new responsibilities.

Watt’s bill was facing a steep uphill climb anyway, at least if he wanted action before the year is over. According to bill rating organization, there is but a 7% chance Watt’s bill will make it out of committee, and only a 1% chance of its becoming a law.