Four more oppose performance tax


The supporters of the Local Radio Freedom Act, which is written to head off the Performance Rights Act which just made it through the House Judiciary Committee, added four more supporters as it closes in on critical mass to stop the latter bill from passing.

“Day by day, opposition to the RIAA’s money grab from free local radio continues to grow,” said NAB’s Dennis Wharton. “On behalf of our 235 million weekly listeners, NAB salutes those members of Congress who understand the crippling impact that a performance tax would have on music diversity and local charities supported by America’s hometown radio stations.”

The new reps are Robert Brady (D-PA), Mark Kirk (R-IL), Howard McKeon (R-CA) and George Radanovich (R-CA). They bring the total opposed to the performance tax to 196. A total of 218 would be enough to guarantee the tax’s defeat.