Four religious noncoms involved in two CP transactions


Noncommercial stations in Pennsylvania and South Dakota are changing hands. The non-profits on both sides of the table all have religious underpinnings, but the deals are otherwise somewhat dissimilar – one is a gift; the other, a sale brokered by Kalil and Co.

Kalil’s deal is for KJAD-FM CP in Loomis SD. It’s going from Network of Glory Inc., headed by Lola Richey, and is being bought by The Praise Network Inc., headed by Ardys A. Roszhart and Lloyd Mintzmyer.

The price will be $22.5K, which the seller takes contractual pains to specify is a sum less than the “prudent expenses” it incurred in processing the CP as far as it has gotten.

The station will be a Class A on 88.1 MHz with 800 w @ 121’.

The other station does not yet have call letters assigned. It is being gifted to Horizon Christian Fellowship, headed by George Small, Norton Smith, Jimmie Monroe and Donald McGrath. The gift-giver is Calina-Alta Ministries Inc., headed by Kenneth R. Leitch.

The Bradford CP is for a Class A on 91.1 MHz with 780 w @ 177’.

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