Fox affiliates carry cable fight to airwaves


The Fox Television Affiliates Association is concerned about cable network pricing practices, which it believes are not only bad for consumers in the form of continually escalating subscription bills, but also because the practice gives big program services the warchest to outbid broadcast network for key programming. It’s sponsoring a contest within its membership to create ads highlighting the issue.

Fox affiliates believe there are vital public interest matters at stake. Cable programmers do not cover local news, and they are not represented in most towns by warm bodies. The kind of warm bodies that can track a tornado or hurricane path, or describe a fire emergency in a high-traffic urban area.

For that reason, it is necessary to keep the playing field level between broadcast and MVPDs when it comes to access to programming.

In the long run, FTAA is calling for an end to discriminatory pricing and bundling practices, which will help hold the line on subscription prices and allow broadcasters to remain competitive when it comes time to bid for a key sports contract, scripted series or new entrant into syndication. And so continue to provide vital local programming.