.Fox Networks Launches Worthnet.Fox ad network


.Fox Networks, an international ad network operated by Fox International Channels (FIC), announced the launch of Worthnet.Fox, a vertical ad network that targets international consumers of financial news and investment advice online. Properties of The Wall Street Journal Digital Network – including The Wall Street Journal Online (www.wsj.com), Barron’s Online (www.barrons.com) and MarketWatch (www.marketwatch.com) – will be among the key media partners available on Worthnet.Fox, with representation focused in Latin America.

This marks the first vertical network launched by .FOX Networks, the year old unit focused on providing quality inventory to advertisers outside the U.S. Worthnet.Fox will seek to capitalize on a growing community of avid followers of the markets, including both traditional and new global affluent individuals, many of the latter coming from the emerging economies. The network will allow advertisers to easily target a highly engaged, exclusive niche audience of senior business decision makers and affluent investors easily and effectively. It will also enable publicly traded companies from overseas to reach out to a wider and more disperse shareholder base.

Additional websites in the financial and investment news and advice categories featured on Worthnet.Fox include a multitude of premium third-party news publishers. Plans are to continue adding publishers to the network. Worthnet.Fox sells inventory across a number of websites in a category, but like most ad networks, does not generally offer site selection. Consistent with its mandate to not duplicate existing sales efforts for its clients, .Fox will not represent The Wall Street Journal Digital Network in markets where the network already has sales offices.