Fox News Channel's The Five gets commitment


FOX News Channel’s ensemble opinion show, The Five, has been picked up as a scheduled program for the network’s 5 PM/ET timeslot. The roundtable of five co-hosts will be comprised of rotating FNC personalities Dana Perino, Bob Beckel, Eric Bolling, Juan Williams, Kimberly Guilfoyle, Greg Gutfeld and Andrea Tantaros.

Said Fox News CEO Roger Ailes, who created the show: “The Five is unlike any show in news and politics, from the co-hosts’ chemistry to the provocative, yet fun presentation style. It has quickly connected with the audience, and I’m pleased to install it in our daily lineup.”

The Five originally began as a summertime replacement program for Glenn Beck in July and has steadily increased viewership since its debut. According to Nielsen, the program was the sixth most-watched show in cable news with an average of 1.4 million total viewers in Q3.

Since its launch, The Five’s total viewership has increased by 16%, to nearly 1.5 million viewers in the Nielsen month of October to date. In the 25-54 demographic, the program is up by 26%, averaging 349,000 viewers this month to date, drawing national advertisers back into the 5 PM timeslot.

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