Fox News Radio details Memorial Day programming


FOX News RadioFOX News Radio (FNR) will offer affiliates two hour-long specials for Memorial Day Weekend: “Remembering Iraq” and “The Next Disaster,” which will be available no later than Friday 5/17. The information can be found on the Fox News Radio affiliate website in the “Specials” section.

“Remembering Iraq”

TRT: 51:50

Hosted by Fox News Channel’s Griff Jenkins, the program will reflect on the ten years since the United States entered the Iraq War. Jenkins will take a look at the front lines and those who were affected by the war, including the men and women who served as well as their spouses and children.

“The Next Disaster”

TRT: 51:50

Hosted by FOX News Channel’s Janice Dean, this mutli-part series will examine disasters, including tornados, earthquakes and terrorist attacks and how to best prepare for them. Additionally, Dean will take a look at how weather forecasting and other technology have helped people prepare for natural disasters in the past and will also report on the impact of early warnings.