Fox News Radio Scores Musharraf Interview


Fox News Radio’s Scott Heidler scored a one on one interview with Pakistani President General Pervez Musharraf. Parts of the interview have been airing yesterday on Fox News Radio and on Fox News Channel. Excerpts:

On Benazir Bhutto’s public outreach:
"She’s challenging the authority of a person who’s the leader there, trying to frankly convey to the rest, to United States to Europe, that she’s come here as she’s being the Prime Minister of Pakistan. Yes. She’s come flying very high. Is that the reality of now? Hold on for the elections. Prove your worth in the elections."

Bhutto’s supporters are not as strong as she wants people to believe. On if the Pakistani people support the state of emergency:
"Let me tell you that the common man agrees.  If you go to human rights activist and ask them they will obviously be against it. If you go to the opposition obviously, if you see Benazir Bhutto shouting around, obviously she’s against it. A lower middle class, middle class person, lower middle class, 70 % of this population is in villages. The feedback, which I have gotten, is they support the state of emergency. They support action against the media majority. I feel the pulse of the average Pakistan and they agree with my call for a state of emergency."