Fox pitching primetime big league baseball


Two dates have been set by Fox Television for some Major League Baseball action, starting at 7PM on Saturday. The network will air select games regionally, featuring high interest interleague matchups on a date in May and another in June.

On 5/22/10, the games on the Fox schedule will include white hot rivals New York Yankees-New York Mets, along with Philadelphia Phillies-Boston Red Sox, Chicago Cubs-Texas Rangers and Detroit Tigers-Los Angeles Dodgers.

About a month later, on 6/26/10, the matchups will include Los Angeles Dodgers at the New York Yankees, the Boston Red Sox at the San Francisco Giants, and an especially hot crosstown rivalry as the Chicago Cubs play the Chicago White Sox.

According to Media Life, it’s the first foray into primetime for MLB since 2004. If these games do well, it likely will not be the last.