FOX ranks # 2 for the week in 18-49, 18-34, Teens


FOX’s week was highlighted by strong performances from AMERICAN IDOL, BONES, THE FOLLOWING, HELL’S KITCHEN, GLEE, NEW GIRL and THE MINDY PROJECT.  AMERICAN IDOL was up on both Wednesday and Thursday nights and won its thirteenth consecutive Wednesday night among Adults 18-49, Adults 18-34 and Teens.  On Tuesday, NEW GIRL grew +10% among Adults 18-49 and THE MINDY PROJECT grew +15% versus their performances last Thursday.    On Thursday, GLEE had its highest delivery in five weeks among Adults 18-49 and Adults 18-34 and was up + 20% from the previous week.

For the week, FOX had:

•             6 of the Top 20 programs among Adults 18-49: AMERICAN IDOL-Thu (No. 5 tie), AMERICAN IDOL- Wed (No. 5 tie), FAMILY GUY (No. 12), GLEE (No. 14), THE FOLLOWING (No. 18 tie) and NEW GIRL (No. 18 tie).

•             11 of the Top 20 programs among Adults 18-34: FAMILY GUY (No. 5), NEW GIRL (No. 6 tie), AMERICAN DAD (No. 6 tie), AMERICAN IDOL-Thu (No. 8 tie), AMERICAN IDOL-Wed (No. 8 tie), GLEE (No. 10), THE SIMPSONS (No. 14 tie), THE FOLLOWING (No. 14 tie), BOB’S BURGERS (No. 17), HELL’S KITCHEN (No. 20 tie) and THE MINDY PROJECT (No. 20 tie).

•             8 of the Top 20 programs among Teens: AMERICAN IDOL-Thu (No. 4 tie), FAMILY GUY (No. 4 tie), AMERICAN IDOL-Wed (No. 6 tie), GLEE (No. 6 tie), AMERICAN DAD (No. 8), THE SIMPSONS (No. 13), BOB’S BURGERS (No. 14) and THE CLEVELAND SHOW (No. 18).

•             2 of the Top 20 programs among Total Viewers: AMERICAN IDOL-Thu (No. 6) and AMERICAN IDOL-Wed (No. 9).