Fox seeks representation parity for new Hispanic net


It is illegal for broadcast stations to be represented by their network affiliation partners when it comes to spot sales, but this rule has routinely been waived when it comes to affiliate stations of Hispanic networks. Fox is asking the FCC for a waiver for its own entrant in the Hispanic programming arena, MundoFox Broadcasting LLC, so that it can compete on a level playing field.

Fox goes on to say that is needs the waiver for the exact same reason other Hispanic networks received it, “…including the likelihood that the growth of this new foreign language network will be hampered if the
waiver is not granted.”

Fox is also requesting expedited handling of its request, since any delay in grant of the waiver will harm MundoFox’s ability to compete.

The FCC is seeking comment. For those who wish to weigh in on this topic, the FCC has set the following deadlines: 3/7/12 for comments and 3/22/12 for reply comments.