Fox using the "Blinks" again for tune in


Reuters reports Fox will put Simpsons :02 "blinks" on CC Radio stations 15,000 times. Homer Simpson’s ubiquitous "D’oh!" or "Woohoo!" followed by the familiar tag, "Tonight on Fox!" for example, has been a popular two-second blink for the network last and this year.

"We love the blinks and adlets. They are great frequency builders, especially when you have iconic sounds associated with shows," Kaye Bentley, SVP/Fox Broadcasting, told Reuters.
CC said at least 20 national advertisers have tried out the shorter format since launching the ads last summer. Nearly half of those are entertainment companies. Unlike longer ads in commercial breaks, the blinks and adlets are slipped in between songs.

"It’s (adlets/blinks) grown so much in the last six months. It continues to grow on a daily basis," Jim Cook, SVP/creative services for Clear Channel Radio, told Reuters, noting the mini ads work particularly well for companies with recognizable brands and in conjunction with longer ads.

Clear Channel would not disclose pricing, but one ad executive said five-second adlets typically price at up to 20 percent of 60-second ads, which cost about 800 bucks in major markets, while two-second blinks cost 10%, or 80 dollars.

Bentley said Fox plans to run about 15,000 "Simpsons" blinks across a multitude of stations on one day in September to promote the series’ fall season and has similar plans for other Fox series as well.
Bentley said she has also placed blinks with other radio groups like CBS Radio.