FoxRock picks up “The Metal Shop Live”


FoxRock Syndication Services, a division of FoxRock Communications Inc., announced a deal with The Metal Shop Live to join its roster of syndicated programming.

FoxRock President Matt Smith commented, “We are all really excited that The Metal Shop Live team has chosen FoxRock Syndication Services to bring their brand of great weekend radio to a national audience.  Curtis and Brad bring listeners the best music, great in depth interviews, and a whole lot of fun.”

The Metal Shop Live is a three hour weekend program for active and modern rock stations featuring the best in modern rock and heavy metal.   The show is offered on a in show barter basis and delivered via custom digital download.

Unlike other syndicated rock music programs, music research for The Metal Shop Live is not left to consultants.  The music for the show is discovered the old fashioned way through the network of listeners and the hosts.  Matt Smith continues, “The music is really what drives the show.  Your station play list might not match the music on The Metal Shop Live, but I guarantee your listeners know every new song and every deep cut you hear on the show.”

The Metal Shop Live host Curtis Mc Kinney said, “Teaming with FoxRock Syndication is incredible. Just knowing that a company like this believes in our product and wants to take The Metal Shop Live to the next level is a feeling I can barely put into words. To have our show distributed on a national stage is an amazing feeling and we are looking forward to getting started. This show has been a huge part of our lives for the past several years and now to have the opportunity to share it with a national audience is the highlight of my radio career. Brad and I could not be happier and we look forward to giving this 110%”

FoxRock Syndication Services is a division of FoxRock Communications, based in Chicago.