FoxRock Syndication launching the Food Nation Radio Network


FoxRock Syndication Services, a division of FoxRock Communications, announced a deal with the “Food Nation Radio Network with Elizabeth Dougherty” to join its roster of syndicated programming.

Food Nation Radio Network, delivered via Internet download and available via barter, is a one hour weekend show flagshipped on Genesis Communications’ WWBA-AM Tampa. Elizabeth, along with Tampa radio vet Michael Serio send listeners on an adventure of “good food, great fun, and the good life”. 

Dougherty has an extensive background in food writing and culinary arts training.  Her years of experience cooking and writing about food help demystify the concepts of good cooking for good health. 

Matt Smith, President FoxRock Syndication Services, tells RBR-TVBR: “Food Nation Radio is a relative newcomer.  It’s been on WWBA for only a few months, but had spent the previous year on WTAN-AM [Clearwater, FL].  The initial interest from a large amount of stations in Florida prompted the move to become nationally syndicated.  As a matter of company policy, we don’t reveal exact station counts or affiliate lists.  I can however tell you that while it’s a start up, Food Nation has a small network of rabid, Florida based stations.  That number on its own may not be impressive, but given the traffic on Elizabeth’s website and Facebook page, I don’t think it will be long before we’re making an announcement of landmark 50 and 100 station clearances.”

He adds that they have two other program launches they’ll be announcing next week.

FoxRock also offers Positive Parenting Radio, The Block with Tim, Battle Line with Alan Nathan, The Dr. Evelyn Higgins Show, The Remote News Service and the Radio Nectar unsold inventory solution.