FOX’s ‘American Idol’ bested NBC's Olympics Wednesday


As the field narrows, FOX’s AMERICAN IDOL once again was the highest-rated and most-viewed program of the night across all demos last night, outperforming the Vancouver Olympics telecast in head-to-head competition by +76% among Adults 18-49 and +20% in Total Viewers. 

AMERICAN IDOL showed substantial gains over last Wednesday’s telecast, growing +23% among Adults 18-49, +30% among Adults 18-34, +12% among Teens and +23% in Total Viewers.

Through seven hours in head-to-head competition AMERICAN IDOL bests NBC’s Olympics by +55% among Adults 18-49 (8.7/22 vs. 5.6/14), +87% among Adults 18-34 (7.3/21 vs. 3.9/11), +100% among Teens (5.9/19 vs. 2.9/9) and +8% in Total Viewers (22.9 vs. 21.3 Mil.)

So far this season, AMERICAN IDOL’s average is on par with the same weeks last year based on Most Current ratings vs. comparable Most Current, showing 95% retention among Adults 18-49, 95% among Adults 18-34, 98% among Teens and 96% in Total Viewers.

FOX won the night across all demos, showing an advantage over the next highest-rated network of +65% among Adults 18-49, +106% among Adults 18-34, +129% among Teens and +17% in Total Viewers.

ABC ran repeats of Modern Family and The Middle from 8-9p (1.2/3 and 1.4/4) and 9-10p (1.7/4 and 1.4/3) followed by Cougar Town repeats from 10-11p (1.4/4 and 1.1/3).

CBS aired repeats of The New Adventures Of Old Christine (1.1/3), Gary Unmarried (0.9/2), Criminal Minds (1.8/4) and CSI: NY (1.7/5).

Night thirteen of NBC’s Vancouver Olympics delivered a 5.2/14 from 8-11p, up from night thirteen of the most recent Winter Games in Torino, Italy which posted a 4.8/12 on 2/22/06.  Through thirteen nights, the Vancouver Games are outperforming the 2006 Games among Adults 18-49 (6.7/19 vs. 6.3/16) and Total Viewers (24.8 vs. 20.7 Mil).

Live+Same Day Nielsen Ratings

(source: information provided by FOX)