Fox's "House" of cards: rumors fly on future of hit series


Fox hit drama “House” is the subject of much speculation these days. It may be losing talent, an agreement between the network and the producer is needed to keep it on Fox, and the producer happens to own a network of its own.

According to a report, NBCUniversal is the producer, and it would simply like to extend the current agreement for the program, under which Fox pays production costs plus a good bit extra in honor of the program’s success.

Fox on the other hand sees the success starting to diminish and the production costs, including salaries, going up, and would like a new, slimmer contract.

Meanwhile, at least one member of the cast is talking about a House-free future. Statement of fact? Negotiating tactic? Nobody knows, but there are many contracts said to be coming to an end, leading to even more uncertainty.

If Fox decides to pass on the show, NBCU can peddle it to other networks, including its own. Or the show could simply come to an end.