Fred Imus, brother of Don Imus, dies at 69 (video)


Younger brother of well known WABC and Fox Business Channel host Don Imus was found dead in his trailer Saturday at his home in Tucson, AZ. 

According to reports Fred was a no show for his ‘Fred’s Trailer Park Bash’ weekend show.

Fred for years was a guest on brother Don’s ‘Iman-Imus In The Moring’ show where they traded jokes and laughs. In the 1990’s the brother’s found the ‘Auto Body Express’ which turned into a profitable clothing and food business. Many today still wear the quality shirts, hats, etc. that had his name ‘Fred’ on them.

For more information long time guest on the Imus radio show David Hincley filed his report at the NY Daily News.

The Video of Fred with the Iman tells the funny story of Fred