Free Beer & Hot Wings embrace the Holidays


Compass Media Networks’ Free Beer & Hot Wings announced the 9th annual, and expanded “The Holiday Break-in Tour,” enabling listeners to nominate needy families to win holiday surprises. The syndicated entertainment-based morning show in national radio, announced there will be improved prizes, more winners, and more Americans participating.

Each year, FB&HW encourages their listeners to log onto to nominate needy families unable to buy holiday gifts. Selecting the most needy families, FB&HW and FB&HW’s participating radio affiliates break-in to the houses of these families (with the assistance of the family’s friends) and fill these homes with gifts. The break-ins are broadcast live on the radio.

“Our goal is to brighten the spirits of our most needy listeners,” said Gregg “Free Beer” Daniels, co-host of the Free Beer & Hot Wings Show.  “There will be more surprises, more gift giving, and more participating markets.”

The tour officially began Friday, December 3rd, with FB&HW providing a car to Jaqueline Cutright in Akron, Ohio.  Jaqueline Cutright was robbed a gun-point last week while she was home – literally on the toilet – resulting in the loss of her car. Upon hearing the news, Producer Joe from FB&HW drove to Akron and presented Jacqueline Cutright with a new car. (see for the full story)

“This is our 9th year running The Holiday Break-in Tour,” said Eric Zane, co-host of Free Beer & Hot Wings. “We have a lot of fun on our show and it is wonderful to give back to the audience.”