Free travel offer to Costa Rica for Rush Limbaugh


Conservative radio icon Rush Limbaugh famously said he would go to Costa Rica if health care reform passes. When some interpreted that to mean he would move there permanently, he clarified that his trips there would only be temporary, when seeking medical attention. He will get a free ride, if a new website is successful in attracting enough donations to pay for an airplane ticket – and he decides to accept the offer.

The website is, and its founders explained their goal right at the top: “Recently, a number of interesting things happened. First, Rush Limbaugh said on his radio show that if the Healthcare Reform Bill passed, he would go to Costa Rica. Second, the Healthcare Reform Bill passed. As you can imagine, this has made a number of people very excited. We are among that number. We want to make sure that Rush is able to make good on his promise, and so we’ve made this website.”

The are using PayPal to accept donations of $1 until 4/30/10, which will be used to acquire a one-way first class plane ticket from West Palm Beach FL to San Jose International Airport in Costa Rica.

If Rush doesn’t accept the offer, the money will go to Planned Parenthood, as will the full amount if it turns out not to be enough for a ticket. Any cash in excess of what is needed for a ticket would also go to Planned Parenthood.

The site acknowledges the Limbaugh clarification but is plunging forward nevertheless: “Rush has publicized that he never said he would move to Costa Rica. However, we still think it’s a good idea.”

The creators of the site identify themselves as Mike and Patrick of Brooklyn. As of 2:32PM on 3/22/10, they had already pulled in $215 towards the ticket.

RBR-TVBR observation: We would only point out that these webmasters may have jumped the gun just a little bit. HCR still must make it through the Senate. But whether it does or not, nobody has ever refuted the age-old claim that there is no such thing as bad publicity, and here’s a smidge more for Limbaugh.