FreeWheel Gets Bigger Ride Through Advanced Advertising Partnership


Comcast Corp.’s FreeWheel next-generation TV and premium video advertising technology has just gotten a boost thanks to a multi-year agreement with the company responsible for SpongeBob and Gwen on BET’s In Contempt. 

Thanks to a multi-year deal announced Monday (4/23), Comcast and Viacom are now partnering on advanced advertising and data. The link-up integrates Viacom’s targeted advertising expertise and national reach with FreeWheel, which uses Comcast’s anonymized audience data “to offer marketers greater precision and efficiency in reaching consumers across all platforms.”

Viacom EVP and Chief Data Officer Kern Schireson said, “Today’s announcement reflects Viacom’s commitment to developing more expansive relationships with our distributors.  This new partnership with Comcast and FreeWheel builds on Viacom’s connections with valuable, diverse audiences and Comcast’s reach and data leadership, to create an advanced advertising platform with scale and sophistication. Marketers increasingly demand the ability to reach the right customers at the right time in a premium, trusted environment, and this transformative partnership furthers our ability to unlock greater value for our brand partners and accelerate the future of television advertising.”

Under the new partnership, Viacom and Comcast will collaborate “to monetize premium inventory in a more efficient, targeted/addressable manner.”

Viacom will use FreeWheel’s unified operating platform for premium video, and will deploy features including Holistic Advertising Management to monetize across all screens, FreeWheel’s Unified Monetization Platform and other powerful technologies pioneered by Comcast.

“Viacom and FreeWheel have a shared goal of enhancing the value of the entire TV ecosystem,” explained David Clark, EVP and General Manager, FreeWheel. “To do so, we believe in a shared vision of a TV and premium video unification roadmap that will accelerate the integration of TV’s  broad reach and quality content with advanced cross-platform targeting, measurement and optimization capabilities.”