From The SBE Salary Survey We Learn…


TV-SalariesThe 700+ broadcast engineers and other media technical personnel who answered the SBE’s compensation survey provide a baseline for future surveys to establish compensation trends.

The mean salaries for engineers at television and television-radio combos is $79,616 for SBE certified technical personnel and $78,176 for those not SBE-certified. The range reported by respondents was $50,000 to $85,000.

The difference is more dramatic for radio engineers: $75,306 for SBE-certified personnel and $71,432 for those not SBE-certified. The range was $50,000 to $80,000.Radio-Salaries

Just over 700 engineers responded to the survey. They ranged from those who had less than one year on the job to those with 45 years or more experience in broadcast engineering (and now IT.)

The bulk of those who answered were between their mid-50s and early 70s in age.

Asked whether they worked in television, radio or both: 233 work in TV, 221 work in radio and 83 work in both.