Ft. Wayne noncom nailed of public file violation


FCCClassical WBNI-FM Roanoke IN made a classic mistake – it failed to keep its issues/programs lists up to date, and was forced to report the omission to the FCC when applying for a license renewal.

In all, nine quarters worth of the lists were missing. The station’s licensee, Northeast Indiana Public Radio, said the failure was the result of a “substantial management turnover” coupled with a thinly-stretched professional staff. It said it was working to reconstruct the lists.

The FCC found no reason to excuse the oversight, however, particularly since its duration lasted more than a year. It is hitting the station with the full $10K that it can attach to a public file violation.

However, the FCC found no pattern of abuse, and granted a new license.

The station is a Class A on 94.1 MHz with 3.4 kW @ 328’. It beams into Ft. Wayne from a transmitter location to the southwest of town and provides coverage to the full urbanized area. It is operated along with NPR outlet WBOI-FM, a Class B on 89.1 MHz.