FTC continues to hammer away at misleading remedy ads


Pharmacy chain Rite Aid is the latest to run afoul of the Federal Trade Commission for the marketing and sale of a cold and flu remedy for which it could not back up benefit claims with solid scientific research. The result is a refund mailing to customers totaling about $47.7K.

The product is “Rite Aid Germ Defense,” available in tablet or lozenge form, neither of which has been shown to “…reduce the risk of, or prevent, colds and flu; protect against or fight germs; reduce the severity or duration of a cold; protect against colds and flu in crowded places; and boost the immune system” as claimed.

2,335 checks averaging $20.44 apiece went into the mail 6/7/10. The FCC is advising consumers that the checks are legit and should be cashed as soon as possible after reception.