FTC offers ad claim guidelines to window industry


The Federal Trade Commission is concerned that some companies make “green” claims about products that are unsupported by scientific evidence. It has offered guidelines to the window manufacturing and installation industry, including a list that may be instructive to all advertisers.

It sent letters to 15 such companies, hoping to head off any questionable advertising
The FTC said, “The warning letters are part of an FTC effort to ensure that environmental marketing is truthful and based on solid scientific evidence. Each letter states that the FTC reviewed the company’s website and found claims similar to those challenged in administrative complaints the FTC filed earlier this year against five companies.”

Here is the FTC’s marketing guideline list – the agency suggested each company go over all of its marketing materials to assure compliance.

* Energy-savings claims must be backed by scientific evidence.
* Be specific about the type of savings consumers can expect.
* Avoid deception when making “up-to” claims.
* Avoid deception when selecting home characteristics for modeling.
* Clearly and prominently disclose any assumptions.
* Exercise care in using testimonials or “case studies.”