FTC settlement has Walgreens paying millions


Claims made about dietary supplements sold as a store brand by Walgreens have the pharmacy in hot water. The FTC says advertising that Wal-Born products could “effectively prevent colds, fight germs, and boost the immune system” went beyond the pale.

Under terms of the settlement, Walgreens will pay close to $6M providing refunds to consumers who bought the products supplements between December 1, 2004 and March 29, 2010. The consumers must request the refund, which will be for $5 with a cap of six requests, or $30.

The FTC said the settlement also prevents Walgreens from making claims that the products “prevent or treat cold or flu symptoms, or protect against cold and flu viruses by boosting the immune system, unless there is scientific evidence to back up these claims.”

The claims were made in newspaper circulars, online and on product packaging.