FTC shuts down robocaller


Transcontinental Marketing and Voice Touch were partners in a scam in which they made millions of robocalls to citizens selling extended vehicle warranties, or as the FTC called them, “warranties,” since they were not actual warranties at all. The defendants are also making $3M in restitution payments.

According to FTC, Transcontinental was the “marketer” and Voice Touch the phone bombardier. And they were able to get 11,780 people to sign up for their fraudulent wares.

FTC said, “Under a series of settlements with the FTC, the various Voice Touch and Transcontinental Warranty defendants were permanently banned from telemarketing. They also were prohibited from making any prerecorded calls like the millions they allegedly used to trick consumers into buying extended service contracts under the guise that they were extensions of original vehicle warranties. The Voice Touch defendants also were required to pay approximately $3 million for consumer refunds.”

Consumers flooded the agency with complaints about the operation.

The FTC has sent out forms to the victims giving them a chance to apply for reimbursement from the restitution fund. FTC says it may not be able to provide full refunds, but it can’t refund anything if it doesn’t receive a request.

RBR-TVBR observation: Did you receive any of these calls? We sure did, despite our good standing on the Do Not Call list. It’s amazing that these kind of marketing operations exist, but the fact that these defendants pushed their “client” list well over 10K shows that there is a reason for them to keep trying, and for us to say on our guard.