FTC slams QVC for dietary supplement sales


The checks are about to go in the mail: Cable shopping channel QVC is being ordered to pay $6M in consumer redress and a $1.5M civil penalty under a March 2009 agreement with the Federal Trade Commission concerning the sale of dietary supplements found to be marketed with false claims.

140K consumers who bought “certain ‘For Women Only’ brand dietary supplements” are getting the checks, which average about $40 each.

The FTC wrote, “Last year, QVC settled charges that it violated a 2000 FTC order by falsely claiming that the supplements would cause consumers to lose substantial amounts of weight and would allow them to eat fatty and high-carbohydrate foods without increasing their body fat.”

The checks, which are being handled by an administrator working for FTC, are scheduled to hit the mail 4/30/10, and must be cashed within 60 days of their issue date.