FTC smacks down Louie Louie


Here’s the latest saga in the Federal Trade Commission’s ongoing war against false or misleading advertising. We’ve seen quite a few of these involving health, medical and/or weight loss products, as well as other categories.

This time, the FTC has nabbed Eric G. Louie and Calvin G. Louie, who offered their marks the opportunity to make a fine living working at home in the fields of “free government grants, mystery shopping, online surveys, and data entry.” Of course, the secrets weren’t revealed until the marks had paid $47 to $129 to get on their “members only” website.

FTC didn’t specify the advertising media of choice, but the duo are no longer allowed to make a range of unsubstantiated claims involving “…that consumers are likely to earn a substantial amount of money or other valuable compensation; the amount of earnings, income, sales volume, or profits that a consumer is likely to achieve, or that others have achieved; how long it may or will take to recoup the purchase price or investment; the nature of any business venture offered or sold” and others. They also face a judgment of $4.9M, which will be suspended if they comply with court issues including the surrender of a Lamborghini and a Ferrari.

RBR/TVBR observation: They don’t hand out broadcast licenses to chimps, but not everybody who watches or listens to broadcast entertainment is equally discerning. It is certainly in the public interest to keep scammers like these guys off your airwaves.