FTC tries to engage radio in underage drinking prevention program


The Federal Trade Commission is once again embarking on an educational campaign trying to make a dent in underage drinking by America’s youth. Part of the package is a set of public service announcements that FTC hopes will get widespread airing on US radio stations. The campaign is called “We Don’t Serve Teens.”

The radio PSAs are part of a program that also includes adhesive signs, an article called “Middle School: It’s Not Too Early to Talk to Kids About Underage Drinking,” and website DontServeTeens.gov. The FTC is asking members of the public to give all of this material as wide a footprint as possible.

“The FTC believes that kids need to hear their parents’ concerns about underage drinking,” said David Vladeck, Director of the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection.  Noting that about 5,000 kids die due to alcohol-related injuries every year, he added, “Our message is, ‘Talk to your kids about underage drinking. Sooner is better than later.’”

The radio spots are available at the DontServeTeens.gov website.