FTC wants to look at television set energy use


A number of large appliances are required to display energy consumption information for consumers to consider before making a purchase. The FTC is now considering adding that requirement to other consumer electronic items, including television sets.

FTC asked for commentary last March, and based on consumer input, it believes that television receivers should be required to have an EnergyGuide label. According to FTC, the labels “…provide useful information such as the estimated yearly cost of operating the appliance and the cost range compared to other similar models.”

The matter is moving forward. “The FTC is seeking specific comments on issues such as the need for these labels; how the energy usage of televisions should be determined; the location, format, and content of energy disclosures; and the timing of the proposed labeling requirements. The agency is not proposing labeling requirements for other consumer electronics at this time, but seeks further comment on test procedures and other issues.”

FTC says it will soon schedule a public meeting to delve further into the issue.