If you log on to the internet and go to Admongo.gov, you’ll receive the following greeting: “Welcome to Admongo, where you’ll explore, discover, and learn all about advertising. Why get aducated? Because ads are all around you! Online. Outside. On television. Ads are everywhere. Here, you’ll learn who’s responsible for advertisements, what they really say, and what ads want you to do.”

The site is set up as a game aimed at 8-12 year-olds, and is designed to teach the followings:

* How to recognize different types of advertisements

* How to read, question and understand advertisements

* Why it is important to be a smart consumer

The site is designed for children, but includes sections for both parents and teachers.

Kids that play the entire game will go through this menu:

* Level 1: The Atrium

Area 1: Sidewalk Stroll

Area 2: Home Sweet Home

Area 3: Mini Mart

* Level 2: Assemblimator

Area 1: AD Studio

Area 2: Deep Freeze

Area 3: Watery Deep

Area 4: Call Center

* Level 3: Planadtarium

Area 1: The Admosphere

Area 2: Jumbleography

* Level 4: The Adgitator

Area 1: Brain Lab

Area 2: Transmission Chamber

* Finale

RBR-TVBR observation: We agree with the FTC. Ads ARE everywhere, and every time we turn around, some new advertising venue is trying to leap into the mix. Maybe the FTC will run a feature for businesses that rely on advertising to put dinner on the table and teach them how to rise above the clutter.