Full House seconds Rules Committee NPR knockdown


The House of Representatives has passed H.R. 1076, a bill from Doug Lamborn (R-CO) aimed at eliminating federal funding for any programming associated with National Public Radio. The vote was almost but not completely along party lines.

185 Democrats opposed the measure, and 228 Republicans approved of it. Seven Republicans joined the Democrats in opposing the measure for a total of 192 nay votes, and one Republican voted present. Of the 12 not voting, five were Republicans and seven were Democrats. No Democrats voted in favor.

NPR receives very little of its funding from the federal government. And local stations are not to lose federal support as a result of this bill. However, they would be prohibited from using federal money to pay dues to NPR or to acquire programming produced and/or distributed by NPR.

Democrats were disturbed by the fact that the bill was given “emergency” status by the Republican majority, despite the fact that it is said to have little or no impact on either the federal deficit or job creation. They objected to the fact that it went from conception to the Rules Committee and then almost immediately to the House floor, bypassing the jurisdiction-holding Energy and Commerce Committee entirely.

The bill moved through the House with lightning speed. It is not expected to follow a similar path in the Senate.

The bill can be viewed here.