Full-motion mobile DTV tests a success


ION Media Networks announced two successful mobile DTV field trial demonstrations using WCPX, its station serving the Chicago market and KPXC, its station serving the Denver market. The Open Mobile Video Coalition (OMVC) applauded the technical mobile DTV field trials conducted simultaneously by ION and Fox Television Stations’ WPWR Chicago.

The real-world field trials use new mobile DTV technology that will enable television broadcasters to deliver live, over-the-air digital television to next-generation mobile devices, including battery-powered digital televisions, cell phones, laptops and personal media players. Mobile DTV will allow users to watch their favorite programs – as well as local news, weather and traffic information – on the go, either at pedestrian or vehicular speeds.

“Mobile DTV promises to deliver benefits to television broadcasters and viewers alike,” said Brandon Burgess, Chairman and CEO, ION Media Networks. “The collaboration of the Open Mobile Video Coalition, its members, and partners like LG and Samsung represent a unique unified commitment toward accelerating mobile DTV into a marketplace reality.”

WCPX, transmitting from atop the Sears Tower, and KPXC, reaching Denver from a Fort Lupton-based tower, are both broadcasting two mobile DTV programs simultaneously, in addition to the multicast of four programs already transmitted, within their 6-MHz channel. ION Media is using handheld mobile phones, laptops fitted with USB receivers, and screens installed in traveling test vans throughout the downtown area, surrounding suburbs and rural regions. The trials have demonstrated winning program reception in pedestrian locations as well as at highway speeds in the nation’s third and eighteenth largest media markets.